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The empty flesh | Julia Koebel - Part 3

The empty flesh



« Eh arrim’va a’mehelyn ? koosh, koosh…gateehn eer Kel’nesh»

Take it easy. Calm your thoughts. The hypothalamus is receiving the data. The cortex responds. It is sending us a stream of discontinuous images. Scattered bits and bursts of feelings, distant memories. Life?

« Can we have a spatiotemporal location?  »

« Unable to determine the date of conception. The date of termination neither. This species seems to have but a very short life cycle. Simple genome. Almost passed through to the Kel’nesh. »

« We are ready to keep going with the study. Post-dive Analysis? »

‘ Klea’th? What have you seen? »

«Something has emerged from the Vooyd’h. I did not understand the meaning of most images that poured into me. I was subjected to a brief outburst of residual brain stimuli. Words and thoughts intertwined in crude, rough patches… a sensory braid woven of smells and sounds. Perceptions and feelings. I am still missing a stronger electro-encephalic stability in order to further the study under less erratic conditions. More linearity. A second of Veesh would be sufficient in order to retain the connection and extract more data from this matrix. I’m… intrigued. Is our time window still unlimited? »

‘Parameters unchanged. Window of opportunity non-peremptory. The matrix is dead but reactive if properly set up and maintained. We have kept it this way since its arrival. If the stream hiccups, we will alert you. You can dive again, Klea’th. We are here. »

«Next extraction in a quarter of veln. Ready? »


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